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Roman Winery “Villa Cavalletti”: Discover the wineries and the Wines protagonists of the next RADICI Consumer Event “Roman Food&Wine Night”

“Villa Cavalletti”, under the guidance of the explosive and far-sighted Tiziana Torelli, is one of the Roman Wineries that with its wines will be the protagonist of the RADICI’s “Roman food&wine Night” to be held next July 18th at Fusciardi’s of Capel Street. Click here for tickets.

Tiziana, president of the association “Vignaioli in Grottaferrata”, has understood perfectly how the exchange and cooperation between people is fundamental to achieve the noble goal of growing the territory, making all its potential bloom. Added value of his belief is the importance he devotes to the role of formation, valuing and involving even the youngest generations and committing himself, so that these children can one day reap the fruits of what is being sown today. Tiziana made us discover the great richness that is the connection between food and wine heritage, training and youth.  

Villa Cavalletti: The Winery

The organic farm “Tierre” is part of Villa Cavalletti: it is located in the same area, which also houses – in addition to various activities – the historic residence and the monumental park: a charming, reserved and quiet place.

“Tierre” is a family business, a family of mixed Tuscan and Romagna origins in which the wine tradition is deeply rooted and for which the care of the vineyard, the harvest, the press and the emotion of winemaking are unforgettable memories of joy. At Villa Cavalletti this family passion continues and is renewed. All the processes are carried out in the deepest respect for the land and for its health, respecting the biological regimes, such as the use of green manure: the planting of legumes among the rows, sown in autumn and chopped in spring, in order to provide the right amount of nitrogen necessary for the development of the vine.

Also interesting is the company’s approach to precision agriculture 4.0, thanks to which are used mechanical means equipped with GPS tracking, obtaining a digital mapping of the farm fundamental to monitor the passage of agricultural vehicles but also to monitor some environmental parameters that would reduce the use of treatments to a minimum, albeit biological. 

In the vineyard, which covers 6 hectares, since 2016 a new row system has replaced the old tent farm, bred with the guyot method and spurred cord. Starting in 2014, work was carried out to recover the historic vineyard of the Jesuits – who lived in the villa since the Second World War – and a replanting of carefully selected varieties and clones for the unique terroir of Villa Cavalletti.

The main objective in which the company identifies itself is to establish a union between innovation and respect for the traditions and peculiarities of the territory. In order to arrive at quality there are obligatory steps, and the first is an absolutely accurate processing in the vineyard. 

Villa Cavalletti’s Wine we will taste at the Roman Food&Wine Night

Villa Cavalletti Spumante Bianco Brut

Made from a blend of native vines, Malvasia Puntinata and Trebbiano, the sparkling wine Brut Villa Cavalletti is the product of a careful harvest choice, the grapes are harvested in advance and vinified with care through the Charmat method, a prolonged contact with yeast for at least six months gives the sparkling wine a characteristic organoleptic note of “bread crust”. The perlage is fine and delicate, the scent floral and fragrant. Excellent as an aperitif, with fish and seafood dishes, perfect with light and delicate dishes.

Villa Cavalletti Roma Doc Rosso

Roma Doc Rosso is the wine that celebrates Rome and perfectly reflects its territory: the territory of the Castelli Romani rich in mineral salts thanks to the presence of the Lazio Volcano. The characteristics of the soil and the presence of polyphenols give the wine the right body and balance.

Grape varieties: Montepulciano 80%, Cesanese 20%

Food pairing: a wine that goes well with pasta dishes, roast meat game.

Alcohol: 13.5% vol.

Serving temperature: 16°/18°

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