When we talk about Italian Wine the panorama is vast and throw an eye over the wines produced in famous regions such as Tuscany and Piedmont will bring on your tables (not only for the holidays…) new high quality proposals.

Radici has selected six bottles produced in the Lazio Region, including reds, whites and sweet wines, suitable for fish, meat and desserts.

Let yourself be guided by your WineLover curiosity and discover the less known Italy of wine!

1) Cesanese “Cirsium” 2019 -Damiano Ciolli

Cesanese “Cirsium” is a red wine from Lazio with a fresh and mineral profile. It comes from a vineyard over 60 years of age and is obtained from fermentation with indigenous yeasts. The taste is elegant, slightly tannic and pleasant, with aromas of dark fruit, licorice and tobacco.

Enoregion Terre del Cesanese e Ciociaria

Naming Olevano Romano DOC

Vines Cesanese di Affile 100%

Typology Vini Rossi

Region Lazio (Italy)

Alcohol content 13.5%

Format Bottle 75 cl

Vineyards Manual harvest, from vines over 60 years old

Vinification 15 days maceration and fermentation in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts

Refining 18 months in French oak barrels, then another 24 months in the cellar

Production Philosophy Artisans, indigenous yeasts

Color Ruby red with garnet shades

Perfume Notes of pepper and licorice with a finish of tobacco and ripe fruits

Taste Full-bodied and intense, elegant and soft, with a strong tannic texture and a pleasant persistence

2) “Habemus – Etichetta Bianca” 2020 – San Giovenale

Habemus San Giovenale is a noble red wine, intense and powerful, born in Viterbo from international varieties cultivated with sapling, vinified in steel and aged for 20 months in new barriques. It expresses itself with richness, elegance and intensity, giving ample hints of fruit in jam, sweet spices, red flowers, graphite, pepper and licorice. 

Enoregion Etruria Viterbese

Naming Lazio IGT

Vines Grenache 40%, Syrah 30%, Carignano 20%, Tempranillo 10%

Typology Vini Rossi

Region Lazio (Italy)

Alcohol content 15%

Format Bottle 75 cl

Vineyards Sapling vines on clay soil at 300-400 meters above sea level, with southern exposure. Organic farming

Vinification Crushing and fermentation with indigenous yeasts in steel for 15 days

Refining 20 months in new barriques and at least 6 months in bottle

Production Philosophy Artisans, indigenous yeasts

Color Concentrated ruby red

Perfume Ample, noble and complex, with hints of berries in jam, red flowers, sweet spices, graphite, pepper and licorice

Taste Powerful, full-bodied, rich and well balanced between structure, softness and freshness, long persistence

3) “Fiorano Rosso” – Tenuta di Fiorano

Fiorano Rosso is a powerful red wine, articulated and complex vinified in oak vats. The nose shows a wide range of berries, fruit in spirit, sweet spices, goudron and balsamic herbs. The palate is vigorous, rich, elegant and very persistent.

Enoregion Castelli Romani

Vines Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Typology Lazio IGT

Region Lazio (Italy)

Alcohol Content 13%

Format Bottle 75 cl

Vinification Fermentation with indigenous yeasts in small trococonic oak vats

Production Philosophy Indigenous yeasts

Color Ruby red tending to garnet

Perfume Complex and articulated, with notes of fruit in spirit, goudron, sweet spices, balsamic herbs and berries

Taste Vigorous, rich, complex and elegant with good freshness, intense tannic texture and remarkable persistence

4) Frascati Superiore Docg “Primo” 2020 – Merumalia

A straw-yellow color, almost golden, with a cold and icy punctual nose, it is a wine of light and air, of pure elegance. The flavor explodes in aromas of tomato leaf, bay leaf, hay, surprising because it also has heat, substance and matter, with a long rocky and sharp flavor closed by gentle notes of helichrysum.

Enoregion Castelli Romani

Region Lazio (Italy)

Naming Frascati Superiore DOCG

Alcohol Content 14 %

Certification Organic

Grape variety Malvasia del Lazio, Greco, Bombino

Vineyard Guyot and spurred cordon

Harvest mid-September

Fermentation Very soft pressing, selected yeasts, in temperature-controlled steel tanks (14.5-15 ºC)

Aging 4 months steel, 3 months bottle

Perfume A wine of light and air, heat and matter. Pure elegance to the nose

Character In the mouth it explodes and seduces with a long, sinuous and sharp finish.

5) Bianco dei Castelli Romani “Nemico”- ICARO

Nemico” (the enemy) is the first wine of ICARO (I CAstelli ROmani), the one to which producers are most fond and which represents them the most. It is a white wine: a territorial white, fresh and irreverent; a wine in which minerality and aromaticity are in perfect balance for a long, changing and deep drink.

Enoregion Castelli Romani

Region Lazio (Italy)

Naming Vino Bianco

Vineyard Velletri – Marquee from 1991

Grapes Trebbiano and Malvasia

Fermentation Spontaneous

Aging Fiberglass

Alcohol Content 11%

6) Cannellino di Frascati “Diciassette Undici” 2019 – De Sanctis

Cannellino di Frascati “Diciassette Undici” by De Sanctis is a Muffato Wine that comes from the slow dehydration of grapes on the plant thanks to the development of noble rot on them.

Enoregion Castelli Romani

Region Lazio (Italy)

Naming Cannellino di Frascati DOCG

Vines Malvasia Puntinata 90%, Greco 5%, Trebbiano 5%

Typology Vini Dolci

Alcohol content 13.5%

Format Bottle 50 cl

Vineyards Vines of 40/50 years on volcanic mineral soil, facing south-east at 200/250 meters above sea level. Grown in organic. Drying of the grapes until November

Vinification Spontaneous fermentation in steel without addition of sulfur

Refining 4 months in steel

Production philosophy Organic, No added or minimal sulphites, Indigenous yeasts, Independent Winemakers

Color Intense golden yellow

Perfume Slightly fruity, notes of honey, citrus, yellow flowers and iodine

Taste Broad, sweet, expressive, pungent, balanced and fresh

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