One of the 6 wine regions in which Lazio is divided is “Terre del Cesanese e Ciociaria” 🍷

The boundaries of the enoregion of Alta Ciociaria can be identified to the north with Monti Prenestini, to the west with Colli Albani and to the east with Monti Ernici, the natural border between Lazio and Abruzzo regions!

Here, the main production areas are four:

📍Valle di Comino
📍Valle del liri

The denominations of this enoregion are:

Cesanese del Piglio or Piglio

Cesanese di Affile or Affile
Cesanese di Olevano Romano or Olevano Romano

Frusinate or del Frusinate

In these areas viticulture is historically linked to Cesanese, of which there are two types, the only native black grapes of Lazio region. Among the other varieties found in this area: malvasia di candia, bellone, bombino, trebbiano, pinot bianco and sangiovese 🍇