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News from Italy’s Wine World to Read While you enjoying a pleasant glass of wine (Italian, of course)”: this is the slogan that promotes the reading of this new press review, to be enjoyed in the time of a glass of wine, to get in touch with the Italian essence and enhance the best experience.

Marisa Leo, the memory of the Italian “Women of wine” association: “She was light for all of us”

Roberta Urso, Sicilian president of the association, remembers the girl killed by her ex: “She was committed against violence, absurd that she also fell victim to a femicide”

Marisa Leo was only 39 years old, the woman killed yesterday with three gunshots before her killer, her former partner, decided to end her life. Had denounced Marisa, stalking, even three years before, but evidently it was not enough, as often is not enough. Did not accept, did not resign Angelo Reina, the former cohabiting yesterday had given appointment to Marisa in the family farm, in contrada Ferla, on the border between Marsala and Mazara del Vallo and here he killed her, shooting her three shots.

La repubblica

Andrea Lonardi is the second Italian Master of Wine

Lonardi is the second Italian master of wine and is now part of a small circle of super experts in the world awarded the title by the Institute of Masters of Wine in London. Born in the heart of Valpolicella, in Negrar, in 1974, Lonardi has cultivated his passion for the wine world earning a degree in Agriculture at the University of Bologna. His training was enriched by a Master in Management Control for agro-industrial realities obtained at the prestigious Grande École of Montpellier and an internship with Washington State University. Further refinements have been obtained through training in wine regions of international importance, such as Languedoc and Sonoma. In 2012 Lonardi assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer within Bertani Domains, which later became Angelini Wine & Estate.


Extreme weather conditions and fungal diseases have ravaged vineyards causing output to drop below 44 million hectolitres in 2023

Italy has lost its cherished crown as the world’s biggest wine producer.

This year has been challenging for winemakers in Italy causing production to fall by 12 per cent compared to 2022.

Extreme weather conditions and fungal diseases have ravaged vineyards causing output to drop below 44 million hectolitres in 2023. Winemakers are expecting the smallest harvest in six years… read more.


Tuscany, Veneto, Sicily, Campania, Sardinia and Umbria are the top destinations of wine tourism

At the beginning of the harvest, Airbnb reveals data on wine tourism in Italy based on bookings received from the online platform to the ‘Category Vineyards’.  Here is the ranking, with Tuscany on the podium in the first three positions, of the ten destinations in Italy with the highest number of nights booked for the harvest period: 1. San Gimignano, Tuscany; 2. Montepulciano, Tuscany; 3. Greve in Chianti, Tuscany; 4. Bardolino, Veneto; 5. Pantelleria, Sicily; 6. Garda, Veneto; 7. Vietri sul Mare, Campania; 8. Bosa, Sardinia; 9. Orvieto, Umbria; 10. Lazise, Veneto.


The Rome Botanical Garden’s first wine was produced during the Roman harvest

At the Museo Orto Botanico in Rome is born a wine that collects 155 varieties of grapes from all regions of Italy, collected in the Italian Vineyard created by Luca Maroni, well-known sensory analyst and author of the Yearbook of Best Italian Wines. It is a limited edition product not available for sale, but holder of an intangible value because the result of hopes and work of a close-knit team. There are 600, in total, half-liter bottles produced, three hundred with white grapes, three hundred with red grapes. On the gold and ruby colour label that bears the logo of La Sapienza University of Rome, are indicated the vines, with their respective regions, that make it up. There are 79 white varieties used to represent each of the 20 regions.


Beyond harvest estimates: from market to regulation, all the knots to unravel for wine

The difficulties of the market, in Italy and in the world, climate change, the structural decline in consumption, the strength of the “anti-alcohol” lobbies that threaten to undermine the wine system and not only (starting with the Irish regulations), the “Italian vineyard” to be modernized to make it perhaps less productive in volume and more in quantity and profitability, the DOC system to be rationalized, the regulations to be completed, from the issue of the national sustainability certification standard that has been “in its final stages” for years but stopped, to the one on alcohol-free and low-alcohol wines, already framed in the EU and implemented by many EU countries, but not by Italy… read more


2023 harvest, the North did well in quantity, the Center and the South did poorly, with drops between -20% and -40%

The estimated drop in production for the 2023 Italian harvest is -12% compared to 2022, for 44 million hectoliters, is not dramatic. But if the North holds up, with -2% in Piedmont, for example, and even grows, with +5% in Veneto and +15% in Lombardy, for example, from the Center to the South the data are decidedly worse: it ranges from -4.5% in Emilia Romagna to -20% in Tuscany and Lazio, from -25% in Marche to -30% in Sicily and Puglia, to -40% in Abruzzo, with a situation that places great difficulties especially for winemakers: this is the summary picture that emerges from the estimates of the Unione Italiana Vini (Uiv), Ismea and Assoenologi, presented today in Rome… read more


Vines are growing in Pompeii to reach 5.8 hectares of vineyards in the ancient city and other locations

Creating “DOC” Campania to act as an umbrella for all the territories, including the existing 19 PDO and 10 PGI Campania Region wines, would definitely improve their perception on the markets. It is just as complicated to compare the Consortiums, wine companies and the Region, and the diversity of the territories, but it is an open discussion, and it could be the way to strengthen the brand of a Region whose name is not well known as yet, but all the while has “profited” from its tourist sites that are some of the best known and most visited in the world, such as the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii, that by themselves represent very strong brands… read more


Nose in the glass, eyes on the peaks: the highest tasting in the world takes place at Sass Pordoi

Imagine holding a glass of wine in your hand while your gaze is lost in the unique panorama of the Dolomites, between snow-capped peaks and steep peaks: “Top Wine 2950”, the highest tasting in the world, will be held on October 13 and 14 at Rifugio Maria, on Sass Pordoi. The tasting, along with a breathtaking view of the Marmolada and the Sassolungo, the Tofane and the Pale di San Martino, up to the Austrian and Swiss Alps, offers the best of Trentino Alto Adige and Valpolicella wine production and is accompanied by an excellent food proposal. Also, an exclusive masterclass conducted by one of the most famous Ais sommeliers is scheduled for October 13th… read more


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