With an history of centuries-old wine production behind him, today we hear more and more about Calabria wine. Thanks to Ciro’ Revolution – a communication movement that has brought to the fore Gaglioppo, an autochthonous variety of this region – Calabrian wine is regaining its deserved popularity. But Calabria still has a lot to discover, like that of Magliocco, an autochthonous variety that in the last ten years has begun to carve out its space, to which Tenute Pacelli devotes particular attention, managing to give its interpretation to this vine, exalting its elegance.

Tenute Pacelli is a company that today produces 9 types of wine, all the highest expression of the territory and the history of the family.  Alongside the wines, Evo oil, hospitality and experience. In fact, by reservation, you can enjoy a meal based on local products in their home restaurant. The farm is located 350 m above sea level, surrounded by the wildest nature and far from large urban centers.

We are among the hills in the north of Calabria, below the Pollino massif, in the municipality of Malvito, more precisely in the Contrada Rose. It is here that already in 1700 stood the Casino di Caccia (belonged to the Barons La Costa) that now houses the company, serves as accommodation and in 2001 officially takes the name of Tenute Pacelli. Among the possessions of the Barons La Costa is also counted the ancient castle of Norman origin, then donated to the town of Malvito, which can still be admired today.

Calabria in bottle: the wines of Tenute Pacelli

Since the beginning, in the first decade of 2000 – when Francesco abounds in legal career to start this wine adventure alongside his wife Clara and his daughters Carla and Laura – Tenute Pacelli works in organic farming, keeping intact the health of the territory. It was Francesco’s uncle, Baron Gaetano La Costa (from whom he inherited the estate that he later converted into a farm) to plant the first vines in the 70s.

Lover of Italian wines such as Chianti and Barbera, but also of the French reds of Bordeaux, his uncle “Nunù” brought in Contrada Rose varieties such as Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. From the last two, famous for being the basis of the famous red wines of Bordeaux, was born “Zio Nunù”, the wine dedicated to his uncle Gaetano. These two international varieties over time have adapted to the Calabrian territory, giving rise to what the company calls the “Bordo-Calabrese” cut.

For this reason, in addition to the aromatic notes typical of the territory of Bordeaux, to the nose are perceived aromas of autochthonous character (properly Calabrian), such as licorice. Another intriguing label produced by Tenute Pacelli is definitely the Zoe, which takes its name from the little one of the house: the daughter of Carla. Zoe is a Brut sparkling wine produced with the Classic method (the same used in France for the production of Champagne), from Riesling grapes.

The planting of Riesling grapes – a variety typically used in northern Italy – is an idea of Francesco who decided to dedicate himself to this sparkling wine in order to create something identity, personal and innovative, as it can be a Classic Method based on Riesling produced in Calabria, certainly a hallmark of the company. Zoe, of which the first vintage marketed dates back to 2014, contrasts the typical image of Calabrian wine, characterized by high alcohol content and a certain intensity, which make important gastronomic pairings necessary.

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