RADICI continues to work to promote Italian wine in Ireland, and to tell its story through the fundamental support of producers.

Next June 13Th, we would have the opportunity to hear the story of the Sicilian winery “AL Fèu 1915” directly from the words of the producer, Michele Castiglione.

Meanwhile, here’s a little taste:

THE TERRITORY: Charm and history

Al Fèu 1915 is a winery with 8 hectares of vineyards that produces natural wines in the heart of the Sicilian Lands rich in history and charm, between Marsala and Trapani. Their wines narrate the passion for slow agriculture, the uniqueness and the beauty of the territory in which they live, taking up the culture and tradition of “making wine only with grapes”. 

THE FAMILY: Passion for generations

The brand Al Fèu has its roots in ancient times, the ancestry of the Rizzo family is in fact attested at the end of the thirteenth century. The emblem of “Riccio” (hedgehog), belonging to the third cadet branch of the Neapolitan Patricians, still represents the company today. That for wines is a passion that was born in the territory of Trapani when grandfather Michele Rizzo, in 1915, moved to the Sicilian countryside and began processing his first plots of land in the district of Falconeria and Pozzillo. His passion, preparation and love of doing things with the heart, have been handed down, from father to son, over the years until today. Today the Rizzo family, interpreting the values of its founder, spreads the culture of good wine and quality products of its territory. The goal was the creation of unique wines that are an expression of the identity of a territory rich in traditions, flavors and aromas. 


The Al Fèu wines are born from the historical vineyards owned by the family in Contrada Falconeria and Pozzillo, in an area between 250 and 300 meters above sea level characterized by a mild but not arid climate with signicative temperature changes between day and night, determining factors for the natural ripening process of the grapes and a good concentration of aromatic substances in the skins, which manage to maintain a perfect balance, remarkable elegance and unique aromas that seal the bond of wines with the territory of origin. It is in these clayey and calcareous soils that Al Fèu aims at the enhancement of autochthonous varieties, such as Catarratto and Inzolia, and of international varieties such as Syrah and Merlot that have well adapted to the territory.

RADIC x Al Fèu 1915 “Business Supper Club”

The Business Supper Club is a trade event organized by “Radici – Italian Wines”. The idea is to introduce an Italian wine producer who will present his wines matched with a seasonal menu featuring food styles from the regions.

The next BSC will take place on Tuesday, June 13th at Fusciardi’s of Capel street in 10 Capel St, North City, Dublin, D01 PW32 at 7PM. The “Business Supper Club “will feature Sicilian winery “Al Fèu 1915” during which the producer Michele Castiglione will introduce his wines. The menu (in attachment) includes four typical Sicilian dishes paired with four wines of the company. Importers, distributors, owners of wine shops/online wine shops and restaurateurs are invited. Spots are limited.

Radici – Italian Wines” is a project created to promote Italian wine in Ireland, especially the Italian wine produced with indigenous varieties and in areas of Italy less known abroad. Radici is committed to promoting Italian wine both online, through the creation of content published on the blog and on the main social networks, and offline through the organization of events dedicated to consumers or exclusively to trade, such as the “Business Supper Club”. The creator of the project is Veronica Falcone

Veronica Falcone gets her degree in communication specializing in food and wine journalism in Rome, where she works as a food and wine journalist. It is thanks to this work that she is particularly passionate about enology as a pure expression of the territory and the artisanal work that has been handed down in the vineyards for centuries. After earning a master in “Global Marketing, Communication and Made in Italy” she moved to Ireland in 2021, where she get her WSET level 2 Diploma with merit.  

To stay updated on the RADICI Project’s events and news you can visit the website www.radicicommunication.com or the dedicated Instagram and Facebook social pages. 

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